The Importance of Unsatisfied

"Every truly history-making transformation has occurred when people have decided to go far evolutionary change" 

I suddenly remember the quotes that I read many years ago. Traveling and long walk helps me to clean up my mind and move on. I used to work at a company revolutionizing the travel industry. We made people travel, go see the unseen and gain more experience. After receiving the product feedbacks from users who are happy or unsatisfied, I was feeling lucky. When I break it into chunks, the unsatisfied users were the most helpful ones. Because they are the unconscious advocates for our product. They were not just reporting bugs but were helping us to improve. They gave us the ability to assess what we had then and how to leverage them.

For me, contacting and connecting are two very different approaches to reach the unsatisfied. Leading a team requires a connection between you and the ones who report you. I have experienced many cases in which we achieved our goals faster after ensuring the connection between me and my team. Do not wait for your employees to admit that they are unsatisfied. I always encourage them to share their deepest thoughts about our process and start from there.