Worked as Sr. UX Designer for mobile Android native application of Hotwire of Expedia Inc. to enhance user satisfaction by improving product usability.

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PulseHr is a real time feedback platform for employees. It helps employees to be more motivated and connected with her peers as well as their managers. 

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 Rove APP 

Rove is daily journal application which provides users to count their memories and makes the most exciting moments in their lives reachable. 

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 Moods App 

Imagine you could filter the waterfall of information. MOODS App is a filter to show the information that helps us feel the way we want to.

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DoubleDutch is a custom social event application for event organizers whose attendees enjoy networking and have a desire to schedule. The goal of this project was to redesign the session detail feature.

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Last.fm is a music discovery service.  As a designer team, we added a "mixtape" creation tool to their website in order to promote more purchasing of music.  

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