First Opinion - An App for Your Health

Some applications has secret engagement weapons and takes over the control faster than others.  Yesterday I download tons of apps and swinging one from the other as usual.  I was downloading, diving deep, most probably giving my e-mail and filling the form fields.

As a user, before seeing how the app works writing my personal details -even it is a user name- is such a unnecessary task. In most cases I don't engage with the app and most of the times I delete it. 

With a marketing approach,  I know the importance of user engagement and catching them at the first sight. 

As a UX designer this is the part I think about it longer. Keeping users within your app but before that gaining their trust to give you the details of their life; e-mail right! 

I was talking about yesterday. I have downloaded my daily dose of apps and kept experiencing them. Most of them asked me the same credential questions and none of them surprised me to stay in the app before I created an account. But eventually one of them opened immediately and start working.  It was an health app and promised me to introduce a doctor to me for free and quick.

Question was how fast I could contact to a doctor?

Answer was once you open the app.

The only thing what you need to do is opening First Opinion app. It asks nothing. Neither your name nor your e-mail. No. It says you are contacting to your doctor. Than a big surprise is waiting you. They found a doctor for you and gives you the doctor's information.
It means that first they are giving you information that you need. Then they are asking who you are.

After this point you are giving your personal info without feeling uncomfortable. The explanation is simple: the value proposition of the app is crystal clear, indeed you know your doctor is waiting to answer your questions. 

As a human you are used to fill the forms in the doctor's office and again you used to do it every time when you visit a new doctor. Although giving your personal details is reflexively normal for the sake of health First Opinion app does better job for the users' experience. It is a HUGE PLUS!

If they asked you before performing, then this could made them just another app with usual, boring first-time interaction. App does not ask any info and excludes itself from the masses, in an other words, it catches you, you found yourself already engaged. 

So, congratulations First Opinion Team. I really liked your approach to users.